Tuesday, April 4, 2017

"Set Free" A Mixed Media Tutorial

"Set Free" by Tracey White
Commissioned Prophetic Art Canvas
I was asked to paint a representation of freedom, with soft colours, this is the result...................
Now this is how this mixed media canvas was created...
Prepare the background by scraping Gesso randomly over canvas, dry, then choose soft pastel tones and apply paint onto canvas using a make up sponge.
Collage Tim Holtz music Tissue Wrap  onto the canvas with Modge Podge or Gel Medium.
Using a Hand Carved Indian Block Stamp, load the stamp in Titanium White and add impressions to the outer edges of canvas.
Using the birdcage stencil from Barleycorn Stencils, mix Grey paint with your Texture paste and apply with a palette knife. Stencil Girl Swallow stencil is used in background. Branch stencil is from Crafters Workshop. Using Decoart Crackle paste apply this medium onto dove stencil with palette knife, allow to dry to reveal cracks. When all this is dry, use Kaisercraft Ink Sprays to mist into background, using a fine water sprayer to "move" the colours and allow drippage.
Adding painted detail, extra branches in Olive Green, Adding Titanium White paint splatters using a fan brush. Add script stamp randomly over canvas using Black Stazon Ink.
Finish project by collaging the word paper strips onto canvas with Modge Podge,  ( printed using a Laser printer) then with a needle tip bottle filled with Titanium White, loosely outline the word strips. Add smaller accent stencil using texture paste ie, feathers, small birds, into the background to fill any plain areas.
Hope these steps helps to reveal the process of the many layers and how each one represents different areas in our lives, and also different art techniques for you to learn and experiment with.
So, Beautify your Soul ! Create some art today!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Beautiful exchange of Art and Friendship

Saturday will be a beautiful opportunity to talk about art,
 I will be creating a prophetic painting live at the women's ministry,
 answering questions, eating food etc!
 Finished artworks will be for sale, the finished painting will be auctioned off for fundraising of mission work. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Fresh from the Art Studio
Prophetic Art Canvas
Tracey White

I Love how this canvas started off with stencils and spray paint,
 Background then muted, almost hidden?
 Then the flowers emerging along with the Scripture.
 Transformation as you create, keeping the outcome fluid as the Lord directs. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Prophetic canvas revealed!

Take a Journey with me from my last Prophetic Art Workshop in May 2106
We start with our combined "Mark Making Exercise"on canvas

Here are some of our workshop participants creating their prophetic art pieces.
Hard at Work? Enjoying the intimacy and creativity with the Lord more like it!

My completed Prophetic "marks" Canvas from our workshop.
Hope you like it!
 Look closely and you will see some of the original marks and colours

Monday, April 4, 2016

Revisiting Past Prophetic Artworks

I Want to share with you one of my first Prophetic Paintings, Which hangs in the Springfield Healing Rooms.
I Love the message behind this painting.
I saw a vision of an Almond branch, not knowing what God was showing me , I researched the Almond branch in the bible. It is the only tree that can have leaves, buds, flowers and fruit at the same time.
 In the bible it also speaks as a symbol of "budding" before the season.
What a parallel between that symbol and when we give prophetic words  that are released through ourselves by God, often the Lord gives us encouragement for one another "just" before a breakthrough. It releases Hope. God knows.
The painting also reflects the transformation of barren  almond branches which quickly become filled with a profusion of flowers, the exchange of "ash" for His "beauty".
Continue to Bloom, Blossom and Grow your prophetic giftings, the encouragement, healing and confirmations are needed to be released over His people.