Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Welcome to  The "Beauty of Art" Exchange 

 I hope my artwork will inspire you, free your own creativity and bring beauty into your everyday.
 Isaiah 61 v 3 describes my passion so very well when the Lord says, 
" I will exchange ash for a crown of beauty", 
That has been the Lords promise to me, and it is His same promise to everyone.

 If you have never experienced this exchange, let me encourage you, It is worth giving some things up, for His gifts are always better.
The artwork on this site is devoted to prophetic, intuitive, healing , inspirational art.
 Created by His inspiration and revelation, I just artistically interpret  what I hear, feel and see.
Not just a message for me but for others to see the message they find hidden within the created artwork.
Prophetic artwork is simply using visual art to express  a worship/teaching/healing message in which God  speaks , sometimes whispers, His word to each person individually.
 You can see with your eyes, but the message speaks to your heart, it enters your soul.
 It can uplift, change and make you rethink.

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