Monday, April 4, 2016

Revisiting Past Prophetic Artworks

I Want to share with you one of my first Prophetic Paintings, Which hangs in the Springfield Healing Rooms.
I Love the message behind this painting.
I saw a vision of an Almond branch, not knowing what God was showing me , I researched the Almond branch in the bible. It is the only tree that can have leaves, buds, flowers and fruit at the same time.
 In the bible it also speaks as a symbol of "budding" before the season.
What a parallel between that symbol and when we give prophetic words  that are released through ourselves by God, often the Lord gives us encouragement for one another "just" before a breakthrough. It releases Hope. God knows.
The painting also reflects the transformation of barren  almond branches which quickly become filled with a profusion of flowers, the exchange of "ash" for His "beauty".
Continue to Bloom, Blossom and Grow your prophetic giftings, the encouragement, healing and confirmations are needed to be released over His people.

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